Letter To A Best Friend

You remember how we first met? It's one of the sweetest memories I possess. I look back and see us both -- two strangers meeting for the first time, and I wonder who would have guessed then how close we will be, and become as binding as only we both know. I will live the rest of my life to tell the story of how you came and changed me.
Spider Kid

If what they say was true about being reborn after death and if what they say was true about putting your destiny down in the book of life before being given birth to, then we would definitely be seeing again. I’d choose to be your friend over and over again. I’d choose to walk holding hands with you on a shore where the wind blows to us, our love and where the sun illuminates our friendship. And there, only one name would escape my mouth and it’d be that same name I have always loved to call you – my friend

And if what they say was all made up, I’d be sad for I shall one day depart from you. But still, I‘d be glad. I’d treasure the fact that I’d lived life … I’d spent my life with someone that’s totally indispensable. To the world, you may not be. But to me, you undoubtedly are. And in my heart, you’ll always be. You’ll always remain that same person I adore. In my heart you’ll always remain that same person I call my friend.

You alone found what I have always missed. You alone were able to bring out the best in me. You’ve shown much care than I could ever imagine. You’ve done unspeakable things I never thought you would do for me. I must be honest, I’m pleased… I’m surprised and I’m touched, my friend.

When I’m helpless and I want something to be done real fast, I make wishes; but that was long time ago; I stopped  because they were of no use. Most of the time they never came true and I felt like I had ran out of luck and I vowed to stop making wishes. But I guess I can’t. I’m going to break my vow thanks to you. I’m sparing you this wish and I hope… I do hope, with all my heart, you get it. You deserve more than just being happy… you deserve much more and that’s my wish for you.

And until that day when fate pictures us walking towards each other... hands stretched wide open, which later ends with hugs and kisses, all I can say is Good morning… Good Afternoon… Good Evening… Good Night and Sweet Dreams, my best friend.
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