How To Be Financially Free

“Sooner or later, this country is going to turn into a place where there won’t be space of illiterates to work,” a friend of mine wouldn’t just stop ringing those words to my ears. He works on no crystal ball but he evidently said that because he’s fully aware of the increasing number of graduates each year.Only if you were from Mars would you not be aware of the problems graduates face. Getting good grades no longer guarantee getting a secured job. Everyone is fully aware of this but what do we do? We hope we fall among the lucky ones that get employed in the banks, hospital e.t.c

Let say a young graduate receives a strange letter. On opening it, he discovered he’s been hired. To him, that’s a dream come true, right? In most cases it isn’t. I mean it is a dream come true if he uses his head, but if he doesn’t, it isn’t. You just sit back and relax while I explain the life cycle of a good employee.

In 2009, as the year was coming to an end, everyone was smiling, right? Me too – couldn’t wait to see year 2010. But some set of people in Nigeria were in panic – bankers.

As 2010 drew nearer, the tendency of getting fired increased. No one is ready to lose his job; much less when it’s almost Christmas. But unfortunately, someone has to go home. That is the game. That’s mean? You think they were being unjust? Do you really think you are in the right position to judge that? The fact that these people were sent home is not the point; has it not occurred to you that employees, most of the time, lose? Take a good look at the stock price of Zenith Bank. Compare its stock price as at November 2009 with it stock price as at February 2010. Find anything interesting? Do you now get my point? When the labor cost got cut down, the stock price increased. Who gains? The bank and the shareholders.

The employees had worked all their lives for this company to ensure its existence. The more devoted the employees are, the richer the banks and the shareholders get. When things turn around and seem to be affecting the company, the ones to suffer for it, most of the time, are the people depending on their paychecks – employees

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling you to let go of those qualities of a good employee: devotion, punctuality, respect, e.t.c. All I’m saying is, “don’t work all your life to make everyone rich but yourself.” Don’t give your life up for someone to take charge. You own it. You control it.

According to the Bible, Jesus died for human, but are you Jesus? Even if you go by the name Jesus, are you really that kind to give up your life for the government? I don’t think they deserve that.

This isn’t a trick to pull you into trading. However, if you think you’ve got the ability to trade, read this. As for those that love the idea of living on paychecks, you go ahead and do that: You work for years for the government. You retire and wait for pensions that never get paid. When you get fed up of the fact that you are not receiving your income, you can match pensioners like yourself to the state house and yell at the top of your voice. Who cares? I repeat, who cares? If they don’t want to do it, they won’t. I know it’s as a result of corruption, but must you suffer for other people's greed? When the TV stations get to realize that some displays are going on in the state house, they come over. They shoot you for the world to see. You stand in front of the camera complaining of injustice. Once again, others benefit while the victim loses: The TV stations get credits for shooting the victim while he gains nothing.

I suggest you act like the true possessor of your life and take charge. What do you think?
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