If I Could Live Life Over Again - 7 Things I Would See to

Quite often I hear old and young people say if they could live life over again they would not; rather, they would do things differently. I’m in no position to judge them so I shall not attempt to.

Life is full of ups and downs; perhaps their life experience wasn't as pleasant as they thought it would be; so it’s understandable if they do not wish to live it again. My whole life hasn’t been too smooth either but if I could live life over again, I would. I would not do things differently. I would live like I do this life.
Bring me to life

There is no place without its ugly side. My hometown isn’t entirely holy neither is it all that peaceful; but nevertheless, I would still choose to live there – to walk the old lonely streets and stop to watch little children as they play: carefree, not looking troubled by life’s luxuries or agony; they just play like adulthood will not, someday, catch up with them.

To stop as I walk and watch eggs hatch; and to watch more closely as they emerge only to find their mum bidding them welcome to the cruel and wonderful world.

  • Same Home

The sweet smell of a pineapple; the laughter of grown ups that makes it seem like it was enhanced by the sweet smell; the lovely sound of a woman’s voice calling out to her children and I could tell, even in my dreams, that that’s my home.
Not quite a mansion like the president’s villa; not quite attractive like any home anyone would wish for; but with no doubt, it’s the home I would always wish for: a place where my opinion counts; a place where my happiness is more like a priority; a place where I would always long to see; no matter how faraway I may be, I would close my eyes and bring it close to me that I may hear the laughter once more and the sweet pineapple smell shall once again fill my heart, and the lovely sound of the woman’s voice, my mum, calling out to her children shall once more be heard loud and clear.

  • Same Parents

Like every amazing dad, he cares. Like every loving mum, she loves. Like every darling mum, she cries when we cry. Like every dear dad, he saddens at our misfortunes - and there is no way I would wish for better parents than these.

They say no one is perfect but my parents are more than perfect. I really can not find any adjective to qualify them, but in my heart it is written in bold and in capital that they may see if only they could see through my chest, right into my heart and find those words clear enough and waiting to be read by them that “I would choose them over and over again if I were to live life over again.”
  • Same Brothers

They are my idols by nature; they are my friends by mentality; they are my brothers by birth. There is nothing I would wish for than to see them happy and that which makes them happy is that I’m happy.

They are me in duplicates. Although we move different directions and we travel towards different goals, but our hearts meet at a point that we, most of the time, sit and remember the times we shared, argued, fought, laughed, disagreed and agreed.
There is no way I wouldn’t want to be with them in my next life.

My friends do my magic. They cast a strange spell on me and help me build my world.

They reach way down deep inside my heart and leave it transformed; that whenever they are faraway from my sight that I may bring them close with my heart; and that I may be glad every time I think of them, that they have come to this world and that I may want and long for their presence anytime… any day.

I would not spend my years longing and waiting for my friends if I had to live life over again, and neither would I find a friend besides the ones I had; I would bring them to my next life that they may cast their spells and do their magic on me.

  • Write as I Like

There is nothing like being free than to make your decisions and not being afraid to be special. And there is nothing than being in bondage than to be afraid to stand out and be dragged everywhere like some kind of luggage.

I’m no luggage. I make my decisions. I don’t follow the masses; not for selfish reasons but for my peace of mind. And I would write in my next life, as I do in this, as I like; and every word shall be as I please. They shall be in my words and they shall be as plain as I will them to be; and no external factors shall influence me to change the way I write. I write in my words because that’s what makes writing fun.

  • No more or less

The future is bright and blinds me if I dare look at it in despair. I shall not attempt to look for I do not know of what it holds. I shall wait in hope that my future may bear a good fruit; and all that I can do is nothing but hope and live each day as they come.

I do not know of what tomorrow holds but I do know of what yesterday brought; be it good or bad, I have survived it for I lived to see today. I have lived to tell the story of how I survived yesterday’s adversities and that of the days that came before it. I shall not forget how I got knocked down and how bitterly I cried, and how happily I smiled at my fortunes.

Should I return to this world in my next life and still possess my past life’s memory, I would wish for no more or less years than that which I had lived. I would not wish for more because the future is a puzzle and neither would I wish for lesser years because I have no regret for the life I lived.
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  1. That was beautiful.
    I know it is a special feeling to write your own inspiring message to yourself, but when i read that, i felt nearly the same feelings as if I had written it. I hope I'm making sense.

    I Loved it.