4 Hidden tips on Things that Excite Babies' Awesomeness from Teachings Over 2000 Years

just the way you like it baby :)

The peace and freshness of a little baby are truly beautiful, but are rarely appreciated. Few of us have peace enough in ourselves to respond to these lovely charms. It is like playing the softest melody upon a harp to those whose ears have long been closed.

Has it not ever crossed your mind why these little God given-gifts are so much blessed with peace within? When they smile - breathtaking. I know of no baby books that will tell you why they show these awesome characteristics and what grownups will stand to gain if they choose to act likewise, but these teachings will. Let us halt, and watch, and listen, and see what we shall gain!

  • Live Life & Let Live

Examine a baby's bed, and see how distinctly it bears the impression of an absolute giving up of weight and power. They actually do that which we only theorize about, and from them we may learn it all, if we will that life as a whole is vanity.

A baby in its bath gives us another fine opportunity for learning to be simple and free. It yields to the soft pressure of the water with a repose which is deeply expressive of gratitude; while we, in our clumsy departures from Nature's state, often resist with such intensity as not to know--in circumstances just as simply useful to us--that we have anything for which to be grateful -- anything for which our souls and bodies may be excited and we may apprehend that our lives are worth living, after all.

But if only we knew the magnitude of pleasure we can derive by gratifying the little things we take for granted, such as nature, would we choose to act otherwise.

  • Everything Burns Down to Nothing
The sleep of a little baby is another opportunity for us to learn what we need. Every muscle free, every burden dropped, each breath carries away the waste, and fills its place with the needed substance to aid baby development and power -- and that's freedom.

In play, we find the same freedom. When one idea is being executed, every other is excluded. They do not think teddy bear while they roll hoop!

They do not think of work while they play. They just stay alive for that time being -- nothing else matters -- but that time -- but that moment. Examine and see how we do both. The baby of one year, sitting carefree on the shore burying his fat hand in the soft warm sand, is for the time being alive only to its warmth and softness, with a dim consciousness of the air and color about him.

If we could engross ourselves as fully and with as simple a pleasure, we should know far more of the possible power of our minds for both work and rest.
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  1. I always need the reminder to just take in the moment, I'm better at this than most, it seems.., but nowhere near my potential.

  2. Why do you say "4 tips" and never specify the 4?