Environmental Science - 5 Wonderful Things to Be Grateful for

Have you, anything at all, to be grateful for? -- anything that, somehow, helps you relieve anxiety and makes you acknowledge and sigh that your life is worth living after all. Fine if you do, but if you don’t, I guess it’s high time you opened your eyes and think really hard; for you will find, way down deep in your heart, anxiety relaxation, that which equals, if not more, the benefit you get from a relaxation exercise.

You can start by appreciating the things around you and I’ve got a good list of them.

  • The Moon

“After the dark, frightening night must have been replaced with a night of divine beauty by the Moon, a promising morning is all that is left to look forward to.”

The moon is lovely. Just perfect, in my perspective; and I can sit and watch it all night, if I could. It’s really a beauty, don’t you think? – and don’t you think such beauty is worth acknowledging?

  • The Stars

“I know of no treasure that is as lovely, and glitters as that of the sky.”

Diamonds of the sky, they call them – diamonds indeed. They are amazing. I would be damned if I don’t appreciate them. Even the blind should sense their beauty.

Since I’m not opportune to touch them, I draw some comforts by gazing at them – and so should you.

  • The Rain

“Many will, as they always have, rejoice when drops of water fall tremendously from above and sigh in relief that their bodies and souls would, once again, be calmed.”

I really don’t like the idea of walking in the rain because everything I do that, I always end up cold. But somehow, every time it rains, I kind of get tuned to a gentler mood; that I feel almost perfect inside of me and I could tell it was peace.

I think you will find the same comfort as I do if only you could believe you would.

  • The Wind

“Unutterable joy and comfort the coolness from the gentle breeze brings upon man opts him to think that there is a god in it.”

I wonder what earth would look like without the wind. Everything it touches feels the impact and gets tuned to a lovelier mood than that which they were lately. I bet the trees, the flowers and animals would appreciate its existence – why shouldn’t you?

  • The Sun

“How lovely and promising the blessed morning is, and man will forever appreciate the birth of a new day which is, by all means, the doing of the sun.”

The ultraviolet rays, somehow, give man more energy. Apparently, the rays would scream in everyone’s hear that they may hear aloud: Wake up! It’s a lovely morning already! You’ve got a long day ahead of you so use it well!

Would you or would you not acknowledge such beauty?
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