The Visitor You Musn't Throw Out

What would you call your guest if he comes in through the back door? Thief? It’s believed that if someone comes in through the back door, he is definitely up to something suspicious. But there is this special guest that often uses the back door. It so much loves to do it. Perhaps he is trying to get genuine details about its host. If the host gets mad at him and says bad things about him, he might leave and never come back, and leaving its host to dwell in regret of having him thrown out into the street. Your special guest, “Success,” often disguises itself. It often comes with a tag, “BAD LUCK.” Most of the time, you won’t be able to figure out which is which – BAD LUCK or GOOD LUCK

It takes a devoted mind to succeed this test. Only the determined one will look back at the ups and downs he has passed through and smile. A man got promoted as a general manager of a company, as if he was a bad luck himself, everything went totally wrong. The company was running down in his time. The shareholders needed to do what they do best – cut the lose short

With shareholders gone, dishonest employees in great form, the company was predicted to be leaving the market place for good. The new general manager could have ignored the golden role he was playing as an honest man and featured in the hit track sang by his employees, titled, “Run The Company Down.” He had no talent as a singer but he was a very good leader. He knew what must be done and he did exactly that; he flushed the dishonest ones out. It wouldn’t surprise you if I tell you that he received two great awards for having brought alive a dead company. The first award was presented by “Success Digest” and the other, a long kiss from his wife for a job well done.
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