Prayer - Thank You

Gabriele - Little prayers

How does one say thank you when there are so many reasons to be thankful for? Where does one start when there are so many things to account for? How does one say “thank you” when they are short of words? How does one say “thank you” to a man they have never seen or heard? But they know he exists. He exists only in their minds.

I’ve got so many reasons to be thankful for but I can’t find words to match how I feel. I want to say many things to you but I’m lost. I’ll try to make this as simple as I can, even though I wish I could say more - thank you.

I’ve said things and I’ve done silly things. I know I deserve little favor from you, but you always remember like no man and still forgive like no man. This day is one of those happy days I would look back and remember fondly. You make my day and I say thank you.

I’d climb mountains, I’d climb hills; I’d travel the ocean and I’d touch the moon – if only that would be enough. But I guess I’ve to do this the usual way – Thank you!
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