How to Forget Your Worries - Learn to Move on to Success

Don’t worry! Be Happy! Don’t worry! Be happy! Remember that song? Perhaps you listen to it a couple of times when you get worry about something, but does it help you get over your worries? Maybe - maybe not. You can worry your head from daytime to bedtime but I promise you – it won’t help.
How about some worries?

Worries are of grave damage to both your physical health and mental health; so the need to get over it arise. With so many awful things bothering you, you can’t just help but worry, right? But not anymore with this mastermind technique, you are going to quit worrying for good. The magic word is BELIEVE.


Maybe this is just plain superstition; maybe not. But there is an old scary story about ghost I heard a couple of times at bedtime. They (ghost) know they are but they just don’t want to admit they are. They know hell is their home but they just don’t want to go there for it is terrifying; so they want to be a treat to the livings.

At night, they visit and guess what? – They scream!
Groundlings Spooky Groombridge 041

Laugh at whatever it is that make them laugh - Irritating?! You can say that again. Scary?! – Yes that’s the word. You will be forced to bury your head under your pillow and that won’t make them stop.

If you want a good night sleep, you need to dig their bodies out and burn them – that will make them stop haunting.

Maybe that was just made up for story sake but it can work for your worries.


Your worries place of rest is hell, but they do not want to go. You can guarantee their free trip to hell, can’t you?

Alright let’s begin

A pen and a paper should do the trick here. List down the things you worry about. Be sure to grind your teeth to show that you are sad, tired and angry for their humiliation. List them down to the very last letter. This time (you can say these while you write) no escape! You are finally going to hell! Remember to say “hi” to mama for me, idiots!


Take the paper with care. This is a matter of life and death. Any careless act may cost you another horrible night; so take precautions. Set the paper ablaze. Make sure it burns to ashes. You remember what Arnold Schwarzenegger says every time he completes his mission in the movie titled – TERMINATOR? You can stand and watch the paper burn with pride and say – you are terminated!


You’ve got something bothering your mind that make you feel like – I don’t care what people say. I don’t care what people do or think, I’m just going to sit here and worry. Alright, do your business, but I promise you worrying wont help. What will help, you ask? This technique can also help. It can help you move on every time you got knocked down by life - 5 MINS PROBLEM SUBSTITUTION! You think you’ve got better reason to crave for tears, wait until see others share their problems.

What’s your problem like? Let’s suppose you live in an old weary house where the ceilings are broken and outdated. And your roofing looks like the world war II was fought right there in your home. And you could see the sky through the big openings in your ceiling and roof. When rain falls, that’s the tragic part – Your room turns to a pool! Isn’t that great?!

You look to your right and you see your TV move, first the time, freely and I tell you that’s freedom. And to your left, you see your radio diving down to the bottom. It must annoy you to see these happen.

But you don’t have to be red hot; wait until you see bigger problems.

You worry because you got a free pool which others crave for – what do you have to say about that? How about dealing with hungry, little creatures – Rats!

They reproduce like miracle and I suppose you won’t mind sharing your bed with them – like you’ve got a choice here. You’ve no choice here!

Did I mention they eat?

Your shoes – Hot dogs!

Your books – strawberries!

Running around chasing these little creatures with a stick in your hand may result to breaking your TV screen, your window or something of such class.

Now, do you want to go for a house with a cool free pool or a lovely house with a nice cool package of nightmares? If you ask me, I’d go for the pool one. I live with rats and I tell you, they are nothing close to pleasant.
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