Depression Treatment - 3 True But Forsaken Tips on Overcoming Depression

Even silence can, at times, sound creepy noisy, and that apparently, is one of the symptoms of anxiety. You might get tuned to a bad mood that makes you freak out that even depression treatment will be of no good; and feel like the sky is going to fall . But honestly, it won’t.

Chicken Little also felt the same and came running in panic: “The sky is falling!” But it never did fall. Even if it was going to fall, it would fall on no one but him.
Fear certainly, caused Chicken Little’s panic, but the truth is: The demon he is afraid of, is of his own making.
The Fall of the One

That is to say: That which you conceived in your heart and believed strongly will surely come to be. That is the theory. Your demons are yours and yours alone. Your angels are yours and no one else but yours; thereon the joy and happiness that which your angels bring upon you are yours and no man’s.

Likewise a life of wretchedness, pain and sufferings which is undoubtedly the doing of your very own devil is yours to experience and yours alone.

It takes you and only you to be happy – others only contribute. The beauty from the light within you draw from the outside the energy you need to fulfill that which you hold in your mind.Perhaps, even you haven’t notice, so I’m telling you now – you are the chief of your mind and captain of your soul.


“I know not of what the future holds; and it sickens me to long for it, so I fix my mind on now because it’s all that have got – after all it’s a present.”

Perhaps, even you wish you knew what your future looks like. But I’m glad I can’t for I’m sure no good will come from it. Knowing that pain awaits you in the future makes you sick today. And they say, “worry don’t relieve tomorrow of its pain; it deprives today of its joy.”


“This world, as a whole often opt me into asking: whereon, in other worlds, are such blessings as ours?”

Contentment certainly will be of some relieve to you. You never know the amount of pleasure you can draw from this simple tip.

Your life – your family – your friends – this whole big thing that revolves around the sun and that contains us – can any of them serve as your depression treatment?

“If you are tired of seeing the sun, in the afternoon; and want the moon right up, just imagine – and it will be.”

It is amazing what you can do and undo with your mind. With it, you can mount a life of that flourishes with joy and happiness and also a life of wretchedness that which attract more and more of such foul fruits for the negative energy is from within you and will continue to attract it’s kind if you so choose.

The moon, you are anxious to see, do not have to be visible to everyone; as long as it is visible to you, it is done.
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