Self Help - 5 Thoughts from the Last 1000 Years on How to Create Your Own Peace of Mind

A life that awesomely thrives in heavenly mount of joy and happiness, and that which brings forth, from it’s seed, a fruitful output rich in abundance of true wealth and peace of mind is worth living, don’t you think?

Wealth creation, that which see to the attracting of abundant peace of mind, has come to be seen as something of the past or rather, something we experience at our starting point of life.Babies apparently possess peace within them but grownups need peace as much as babies; thus arise the need to create your own peace of mind.

I Believe in God


“How blossom and fruitful would our life become if we understand that our pasts are meant to be kept behind and necessarily not forgotten, that we may check in and out, at our convenience, and learn from our past failures.”

What counts in a successful life is not how many times you try a new idea and failed; it is how many times you try a new idea and try real hard to avoid making the same mistakes. It is when we learn to do this that we make progress. Mistake is what makes us wise but avoiding making the same mistake is what makes us wiser.

Your past is what you’ve got to teach about life. Learn from it. Don’t try to forget it.


“The act of trying to help a man who is not wanting to be helped equals the act of a farmer cultivating on a poor land that bears no good output and the man’s sweat and all that he has labored for will be in vain.”

Is it really possible to help the one who is not wanting to be helped? For I see none that can be helped without them seeking for salvation. It is only when they discover, on their own, that they are in need that one’s seed of efforts will bring forth a fruitful tree rich in abundance of true wealth and peace of mind; both for the one that has been helped and the one that has helped.


“The Creator has blessed man to no limit that he may shape his future with his own hands; thus that which he conceive in his heart and believe strongly will surely come to pass.”

Man’s thoughts are his creators of heavenly mount of rich and prosperous life, full of abundant wealth and peace of mind; and also his makers of mountains of sufferings, a life of wretchedness that will produce no good fruit but its kind; and will attract more and more of agony and pain -- for man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed-seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind.

The thoughts man’s mind has come to produce and that which he has come to believe strongly shapes what his future may look like. If it appears to him and he believe strongly that great joy awaits him on a long run, so shall it be.


“As the metallic elements give out their electrons that they may oxidize, so will man’s life flourish with joy and happiness if they stick to the habit of giving and not taking.”

If only we know how wonderfully our blessings that which we have bestowed on others will come to bless us in return,  we would decide to give them out exponentially. It necessarily does not have to be money but that which others will come to benefit from.


“If only man could see life as it is, know it for what it is and live it for something besides self , he would realize that everything burns down to nothing and all would live in peace.”

If only man could see that that which he craves for his nothing worthless ashes would he be forced to think otherwise. Life is beautiful, so to speak but what makes it more beautiful is understanding and obeying the law of our being; and none can understand that until they are in peace with themselves and their environment.
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