Life's a Journey Not a Destination - I Followed My Heart!

"There is no freedom like seeing myself as I am and not losing heart."     - Elizabeth J. Canham

There I was in the middle of nowhere.I could almost argue that that wasn’t my body because I had these unusual feelings; feelings I never had in my entire life. A part of me was burning while the other part was freezing. All these, among other things, summed to my fear.

Before me, were two paths; they met at a point and on that point, I stood. I was motionless. I felt like I was waiting for something but for what exactly, I had no idea. I just kept waiting and the strange feelings never ceased; they never left me one bit neither did my puzzles stop growing.

On one path were few people. They seemed to be willing to go nowhere. They just stood; as if they were waiting for someone or perhaps something to happen. On the other path walked people in thousands. As they walked pass me, they mocked those on the other side of the path. After they had passed, came another thousands of people; they traveled the same path the earlier ones had traveled and they did mock like them too.

Still, those on the path traveled by few were motionless. All they did was wait. I figured they were waiting for the first person to make a move. But no one was ready to move. I could tell through their eyes that they were lost in doubts. There seemed to be a bond between them, fair enough to transfer their doubts from the first person to the very last. So they waited; they all waited.

And there came other thousands and as they were traveling through their usual path, they stopped. Among the thousands a voice said to those on the other path, “You’re fools. If you travel that path you’ll be sorry.” And to him I said’ “Have you traveled the path you speak against?” After some hesitation, he said, “I never did. I never wanted to waste my time so I followed the masses.” And from the thousands, said another, almost immediately, “I traveled that path and it’s filled with pain, agony and suffering. And to him I said, “And all these do not await you on the path you switched to?” After a few minutes silence, he said, “According to those that traveled before us, yes.” And they turned to continue their journey.

As they walked away, those on the other path joined them and they both laughed at me and called me fool.

Alone, slowly and quietly I walked the path traveled by few. I was scared for I don’t know what awaits me. Both hands buried in my pockets and mind lost in thoughts; still I walked. I could hear a strong voice inside of me say, “There’s no point walking all by yourself. You had the chance but you didn’t use it. And to that voice I replied, “I didn’t go with them because I wanted to be me and no one else but me – to make my decisions - to do things because I wanted to do them and not because people wanted me to – to become what I want to be and not what my environment wanted me to be. I choose to be special and that’s what makes the difference.”
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