You Must Believe in Yourself to Reach Your Highest Potentials!

Having finished recording his hit track, my friend wanted me to be the first to listen to it. I was like: "That would be an honor." He came to my place with the disk. If you ask me, the song was cool.

You know how folks talk? We began to talk about those famous artistes and we came to a point where my friend said something and I thought he was being silly.

"I'm a rich man," he said with some pride in his voice. I didn't reply but he wanted my opinion so he said it again only to find me say Amen. He shocked his head and said, " I ain't praying so don't say amen. Am only telling you what I am - a rich man." This is a guy I had known for years. I saw him a day before that fateful day and he was still that same old friend of mine; now telling me he is a rich man,how did he do it? I couldn't help but wonder. I was still full of doubts. I gave him my response and obviously he was not satisfied with it.

That was when my friend began his illustration and it made perfect sense. "Don't hope." He said after hearing my response. " I ain't telling you to hope, am only telling you what I am. When you hope, that's in future tense. But am telling you as at now that am a rich man."

"Moshood," it was my turn. "You are a a rich man." His word was now making a lot of sense to me. I replied: "I'm a rich man."

And I had these strange feelings that I could be whatever I call myself as long as I believe - that I could be whatever I imagine myself to be as I believe. I was taught to develop a positive mental attitude and to stay focused; and I tried to always stay focused and I'll always try to stay that way. He taught me that even sky is no limit to man's potential because he believes man has got no limit.
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