Citizens of Humanity - Truth Behind Human Existence

These truths I hold to be self-evident:

That humanity was made to be happy; and happy they shall be when they understand that they can not attract what they want but what they are; that the very best way to help ourselves is to help others, and often the best way to help others is not to tamper with their personal lives; that useful effort means the proper exercise of all our faculties; that we grow only through exercise; that learning is non-stop throughout life, and the joys of mental endeavor should be, especially, the solace of the old; that where men alternate work, play and study in right proportion, the organs of the mind are the last to fail, and death for such has no terrors.

That the possession of wealth won't free man from certain life's obligations; that if all would work a little, no one would then be overworked; that if no one wasted, all would have enough; that if none were overfed, none would be underfed; that the rich and "educated" need education quite as much as the poor and illiterate; that if all were rich, there would be no poor to give alms to; that if none would fall and let the whole world see them fall, and learn from their mistakes, everyone would perish for they do not learn life’s lesson; that if torture and pain were of no existence, no one would crave for joy and happiness.

That a serving class is an indictment and a disgrace to our civilization; that the disadvantage of having a serving class falls most upon those who are served, and not upon those who serve--just as the real curse of slavery fell upon the slave-owners.

That people who are waited on by a serving class cannot have a right consideration for the rights of others, and they waste both time and substance, both of which are lost forever, and can only seemingly be made good by additional human effort.

That the person who lives on the labor of others, not giving himself in return to the best of their ability, is really a consumer of human life and therefore must be considered no better than a cannibal.

That each one living naturally will do the thing they can do best, but that in useful service there is no high or low.

That all human services, department of human services and things which are useful and necessary to humanity are sacred, and that nothing else is or can be sacred; that we are chiefs of our minds and the captains of our souls, and that we need not to find excuses to justify what we have become; and that we shall be hold responsible for whatever we do, be it good or bad; that our perspective of life changes the moment we know and believe that life is not all about what we’ve achieved but what and who we stand and fight for; and that humanity, that we know, seizes to exist the moment we stop fighting for each other.
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