Talking to Yourself - 4 Helpful Tips on How to be Yourself

Have you ever felt like you are been dragged in every direction that you don’t even know which side to follow? Maybe it’s high time you started making your decisions and save yourself from external influences and move yourself to a more comfortable position you so desire – maybe it’s high time you lived your life. These helpful tips can help you see to that.

Peace within yourself

  • Let go of the past

It’s unwise to hang on to yesterday’s fortune; it’s dangerous to hang on to yesterday’s misfortune. Live goes on they say; although it is not easy as it sounds but that’s just the plain truth. You have to let go. Yesterday’s is no more that is why it is called the past – it’s dead. And dead stuffs belong to the garbage. But unlike other dead stuffs, you can dig into your past, at your convenience, and learn from yesterday’s failure.

People will want to remind you of those times you’ve tried and failed. They will mock you for being devoted and not willing to let go of your dreams easily.  But you mustn’t give in to them because the moment you stopped trying, that’s when you actually failed.

  • Develop a positive mental attitude

You love been heard. You want to be seen. You love the thought of others talking to their friends that they wish they were you. You would do anything to make that come true. You would go extra mile just to please them. But not one time did you ever thought of pleasing yourself. Why not try to sit yourself down and confront your inner self.  Ask yourself what makes you happy – what pleases you. It’s high time you stopped trying to make people like you and like yourself.

You’ve got nothing to prove to no one. If they do not like you for who you are then they obviously aren’t worthy to be around you. You count the moment you choose and believe you are special.

  • Know your potential! Believe in yourself!

It’s way too easy to lead a doubtful mind to the path that leads to the grave-yard of dreams. It takes a lot of hard work, if not impossible, to confuse a man that owns his mind. He knows himself better than anyone. He has been, all this years, all by himself and he knows he could achieve his dearest dreams if he persists. Trial an error is of no burden to him because he always sees success in everything he does. Today’s misfortune is of no big deal to him because he considers whatever comes his way today as presents.

Regardless of what people may think or do, he knows and sings no song apart from success; because he believes in himself and himself alone.

  • Stand out! Hold Your Stand!

Have you ever been treated like an outcast? – Like the world is traveling this way and you are taking the other. Have you ever felt cut off or being behind the real world? Yeah, it feels really, really bad. It makes you feel like a sick poultry bird that has been isolated. I know it must hurt. But probably you might want to ask yourself this question – Why do I really want to do things their way? Is it because it’s the right way or is it because a lot of people are doing it that way? – What’s going to feel better? Be honest with yourself.
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