Reflection of Life - My Inspirational Journey

I know not precisely of what awaits me on the path I choose to follow; nor do I know when and how each occurrence will come to be. But I followed my heart not for selfish reasons but for my peace of mind. I alone have the power to choose which it shall be: A wretched life that deprives one from all but deprave associates; that subjects one to a world of cruelty and torture that one may be doomed, and one’s whole life and what they have labored for will be considered nothing but a waste.
In a Rush......

And I alone have the power to choose otherwise: A life that can somewhat be compared to a life in paradise, that is if it does exist. I know not of what paradise looks like but I can make mine right here on earth: A life that blossom with comfort and peace that one may sigh in relief, in a lovely tone of contentment, that one's life is worth living after all.

I hold no grudge against no one and I disregard any act of justifying my insensitivity against humanity because I know sooner or later it will surely come to pass that my blessings will come to bless me and my curse will come to curse me in return. My unkind deeds against others that caused them pain in their hearts and torture in their veins will, one day, present themselves before me that I may be punished by them and not for them; the outputs that come thereon are mine to reap and no else but mine.

I walk this path knowing that I will one day excel. I’m pretty sure it leads to somewhere good. But to where, I have no idea. I just have to keep walking and never let down; to get a grip of myself and walk like I count. I know I do count because I have this feeling that I’m special. Everything seems right in a way I can’t explain; but somehow I just know it does. This may sound insanely silly but I can tell destiny is my friend.

I know not of where this path leads to, but I dare not despair for that will threaten everything – my effort – my belief – my purpose – my sufferings and pain would all be in vain. So I just have to stay put and take one step at a time; and I dare not try to outrun destiny because I know no good will come out of it; and besides, destiny will always find a way of catching up with me. My hope is still young and fresh and I take advantage of any chance I get to see to it that its glow doesn’t run out.

Although I’ve got doubts; but I reckon only fools don’t doubt so I treat them like a way of enlightenment; a way of improving my skills that will, as I thought, bring about a better me. But if I do not deal with them before they dealt with me, then I am no more than a failure; and that will severely cost me more pain, so it must be my doing to see to it that they are gone.

This evidently is a journey of no destination so I still travel my path with caution so as not to hurt anyone unknowingly and not to get hurt either. But only now do I walk with my shoulder high and chest pushed forward – I walk proudly. Everything around me – the wind – the sun – the moon – the clouds -stillness of water – act in my favor. I just know it. I don’t know how or why but I’m damn sure and that’s somewhat a relief. My inspirational journey has got a promising future and I need not cry aloud that the world may know I exist because sooner or later, they will know.
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