"In every success lies failure." That fact is quite obvious and inevitable. Despite the fact that many people know that the say is true, they blind themselves to it and try to pretend it's false. Undoubtedly, they definitely know it is the truth.
The way ones failure is being handled defines whom that person really is. The strong, determined being see failure as a step to his goal but to weak ones, its actually a reason for them to get weighed down. They dwell in the sorrow of failure instead of confronting it and ask themselves "what am I missing?". They make a conclusion that they cant possibly do it. While the weak lament upon failure, failure actually fortifies the strong.

Just like every loving father would wish his offspring, my dad wanted us to excel. He wanted to prepare us for the future so he decided to teach us about life - I mean the world outside our home.He would sit us down every morning and read from a book. Did you think it worked? The class was really boring. Neither do I recollect what he read nor do I remember the book's title - We all got exhausted.

He wanted to teach us the way teachers teach in class but life doesn't teach that way, life teaches the hard way. Life would never tell you something would happen, it just happens. The wise learn from every failure while dummies swim in its ocean(failure). By the time they get back to their senses, the world must have been far ahead of them. A man was perfectly aware of the way life teaches, he wanted to teach his friend about life, so he decided to make it in form of a game. He called the game 'MOTIVATION'

I remember an old adage which says 'A running man is either running after something or running from something'. Sam's friend (James) wanted to run but for some reason he wasn't. He was walking all his life. Sam knew the answer to James problem. He needed a reason to run, so he thought he would give him that reason. That was when he thought of playing the game on him. It was a good game and it worked out fine. ' I made $2000 within a month, can you do that within 3 months?" Sam asked his friend. Because he wanted to prove he's a man, 'Of course, I can' James replied without hesitating. Sam smiled and said ' So whats preventing you from earning that much over this years?' There was a sign of terror over James face but he was brave enough to answer his friend.'Have got many innovative ideas but just need money to set them up.' he quickly grabbed on to his drink and sipped it, perhaps trying to avoid more questions. But Sam knew perfectly what he was trying to do, so he allowed him to drop the glass before throwing him the next question. The question was a fire ball.It caught him by surprise and almost knocked him off his seat. He never thought he would ask him that question. Sam asked, ' what if I give you $2000, will you be able to double it within 3 months?'. James managed to say yes after running some saliva down his throat. So Sam continued with his proposal and James knew he was fully trapped. Some part of him was telling him to say no but he was strong enough to accept challenges.' Nice one. If you are able to double that amount within 3 months, you will keep all but if you cant, you will return my money with interest of $1000. And after 2 weeks, if you are yet to turn up with the payment, you will face charges in court.' Sam said with seriousness in his eyes. Sam's proposal made James wish he could abscond earth for mars, but he managed to stay strong to his believe.

As popularly known, the best memory in the world is a signed contract, both parties signed and the deal was sealed. Some said he wouldn't do it that he would end himself in trouble. While others advice him to turn the offer down but it was too late and James has already made up his mind. He took the challenge not because he wanted to take his friend's money but because he wanted to prove to him that he his also a genius. James decided to go into one of the income generating sources known in the world - Forex.

He was doing fine, quite okay. Within the first month, he was damn sure that he would excel. He never got carried away by joy, he just stayed focus. As the second month was coming to an end, the third was congratulating him for a job well done. The sight of his income wouldn't keep those smiles off him. Just right when the third month was pressing his door bell, something unfortunate happened. He had lost part of his income and he was left with $2500. Bad news. Needless to say, he would face the judge.

The third month crippled in while James was counting down the days he had left before facing trial. It was soon time for James to show up but he didnt so Sam paid him a visit. Once again the two friends sitting together trying to sort things out. After some minutes of silence, James said curiously,'If you are here to press charge against me, go ahead but dont think you are the smartest one. I was an inch close to winning the deal'. The curiosity in James face made Sam laugh unconsciously. Finally, he said 'Did you really think I was going to press any charge against you? Actually, I was here to congratulate you. Everything was just a game - Motivation. You won'.

Good for James, hes got a great friend like Sam. Do you have someone like that? If you dont, no need to worry, I will be that friend. We will walk through the wilderness of fear, confront the fear of failure and knock on the door to success. Come next time to learn more about how to be independent in life.

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