Top Reason Why Many Organizations Fall

Like my teacher would always say,'Always seek for knowledge even if it would cost you traveling a long journey.' My cousin wasn't ready to travel that far. He used to consider that idea as a waste of time until an unfortunate incident happened did he change his point of view.

It all began the day my cousin came home, drenched, thanks to the rain that had been falling all through that day. He didn't even care changing his clothes,he yelled out for me,'Moshow (that's what most of my friends call me) come here, have got something to tell you.' When I got to him, he was smiling from ear to ear and I could tell something great had just happened. 'Am going to be rich,' he said while taking off his wet shirt. The last time he said that was when he got a job with a high pay check. Now that he's saying it again, I just couldn't wait any more for him to break his great news. 'What is it this time,' I said with tons of anxiety in my voice.

'Chill,' he said dipping his right hand into his back pocket. He brought out a flash drive. I was surprised. 'A new flash drive? Great. Is this why you called me? I was really disappointed. He pulled me back by the shoulder when he realized I was about taking my leave and said, 'didn't I tell you to chill?' He added: 'In this flash is what I refer to as my 'money machine.Wow! Am going to be rich!' And that's what I like about him - always trying to utilize his opportunities.

I still didn't understand what he was saying but he responded with the same thing as usual, 'chill Moshow, chill.'

Like he said, 'chill.' I was chilling while he went to the PC, inserted his flash and woola! He showed me his 'money machine.' Its actually a setup. Not wasting much time, he began installation. Less that 10 minutes, the operation was set. I discovered it was a casino game. We went through the guidelines and found out he had everything but something was missing - credit card. The fact that he didn't have his credit card didn't cause much depress, 'am going to get that card soon,' he said.

And indeed he got his credit in no time. Everything seems perfect now right? Of course not everything is perfect. I did think everything was, not until the first time he played his 'money machine' did I find out that he's a novice. 'I strongly believe you should learn this before playing,' I said in discomfort.

My words were falling on deaf ears.He wasn't ready to listen. I asked him where he got the setup from. 'My best friend gave it to me. you know him, don't you? He has made a lot of cash from this so he thought it would nice I do too', he said. I asked if he could ask his friend to teach him to play instead of risking everything all in the name of pride.He obviously wasn't ready to take that step. Perhaps looking for an excuse to back himself, 'besides, he's always unavailable when you needed him. The case was closed. His mind was set and I wasn't ready to further with my questions. All I could do was wish him best of luck in his 'money machine.'

There was a time I got home after a busy day,all I could think of was to get home and get a good night sleep. But I couldn't, somehow the energy came out of nowhere thanks to my cousin's ignorance.

On my arrival, I found him kicking the chairs. I was upset. 'If you want to learn to play soccer, you should at least start by kicking stones and not chairs for God sake,' I said angrily. I asked him why he was behaving that way. Instead of responding, he just pointed at the screen of his PC. I was shocked by what I saw. His account had gone all the way from $300 down to $0. 'How did you do it?' I asked, kind of feeling concerned.

'Nothing,' he answered. ' I was just playing, playing, playing...' There stood my cousin acting like a kid. He was repeating the same word over and over again - playing. I really didn't know when he would stop; probably the next day. Needless to say I wasn't ready to listen to that extent. I needed to stop him but how?

Finally he stopped. Bursted into laughter, 'Oh my God. I have been silly. I should have listened to you.' We both laughed. I know it was an unpleasant experience but he learned from it. We both did.

Many organizations have made the same mistake my cousin made.Some live to tell the tale while for others, there is no story to tell other than the story of a dead organization. The reason why these organizations failed is because they never knew the full fact before jumping into a particular business. They jumped into it simply because they realized others were doing well in it, so to them, that was a guarantee they would do well too. Bad decision, you know. Quite dangerous.

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