Depression and Anxiety - Unfortunately, the Two Go Hand in Hand

“Tell me something, when can one say he's got peace of mind?” a friend asked me, looking straight into my eyes after a long chat that seemed like a never ending story. For some reason, I felt he needed answers badly, and I tried to give him one. At first, I paused but the answer managed to come out of nowhere. It may seems not to be a perfect explanation to you, so be sure to leave your comment. However, this is what I told him:

In the times when you feel all is gone. And in the moments you think all hope is lost. You feel alone and abandoned. You ask yourself many questions but not a single answer comes your way. You wonder if you’re actually going to survive this unfortunate incidence. The next option that often comes your way is to commit suicide. Suicide isn’t going to solve your agony and you know that very well. But what choice do you have?

Life has chosen to be cruel. It has decided to make you see its ugly side. Perhaps your tears, you may think, brings it comfort. But tears have nothing to do with life’s comfort, and you know it, but what choice do you have? Another thing you may think of or do in these unpleasant times is to blame other people for your misfortune. “The Envy” “The Hatred” “The Malice” grow every time you see these people. You detest the sight of them so bad that you just can’t stand talking to them. Day after day, they grow in wealth, but nothing you possess grows. Nothing except the hatred you’ve reared successfully. Nothing except the malice you have catered for. Nothing except the Envy you have shown motherly care to.

Congratulations they are now grown ups. They are now able to live the life of their own. But unfortunately, you have managed to bring up monsters. The sad part is that, they detest progress. They just can neither stand it nor its possessor. So if you’re ready to go for progress, all you have to do is murder them (malice, hatred and envy). Call an end to them. Their presence in your life has nothing to offer than pain, so quit the bond between you.

When you do this, you’re set on a good run. You will see things other can’t see; opportunity at their door steps that is waiting to get picked up. The good spirit in you is going to get you calmed and willing to learn from successful ones.In times like these, peace of mind is inevitable. Even set back won’t have negative effect on you. Criticism will have nothing to do you than motivation. Such times, you can say "You Possess Lifetime Freedom.”
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