Most Deadly Thing To Do When You Fail

Getting up after a big fall could be one of the biggest tasks one could ever face. It won’t be difficult when you know what to do, and the best way to knowing what to do is to fall a victim. “Life is the best teacher,” people would always say, but are you a good student? Are you paying attention to what your teacher teaches you? In most cases - No!

Unlike our teachers, life teaches no theory. It bases on practical. As long as you live, you will always be its student. I mean everyone is. In my own case, I have learnt to urge failure. I live to realize it is a step to fulfillment, but I responded with a bad approach.

During those times, I failed badly. I failed in almost everything I did that year but that never bothered me. Whenever my stock reports get to me just like it always had every month, I would smile. You know why I smiled? Did you think I smiled because my stock price had risen? Actually, it never did rise so you can start thinking I had gone nuts. I smiled because I remember what I had read earlier: “failure comes before success.” Is that a good reason to urge failure? In my own case - yes

When the stocks I was involved in crashed, I said to myself, “You have to be calmed. No pressure. Remember what you read earlier.” Once again, I had a reason to welcome failure. So I pressed on to buy other stocks. I repeated the cycle over and over again until I was fed up. I had nothing left. Of course I had me and my silly self. Having us both was quite ridiculous. The problem wasn’t the bad picks. The problem was me. I should have known better.

“Failure comes before success.” Yes, everyone must have heard of that regardless of the fact that they believe it or not. But the point is, how do you convert failure to success? That was the question I asked myself in the late hours. Probably, not late but I had wasted precious things: effort, time and money.

Failure will always mean failure until you change its definition. How do you change its definition? Correction – that’s it. You make corrections.

I never cared to look into possible things behind my failure. Had I done that, probably, I might have seen the similarities between my picks that made them bad stocks. That way, I wouldn’t make the mistake of purchasing another bad one.

When you fail and you get a second chance, not everyone gets a second chance but fortunately, you do, if you don’t look into the cause of your failure, you might just be digging yourself inside a hole once again.
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