How People around You can Affect Your Dreams

It’s quite evident that life is not a destination but rather a journey. You just have to keep moving no matter what. You just have to keep moving until the very end. Your dream is your purpose for living but at times when a journey seems to lead to no where – when efforts seem to be of no use, you tend to loosen up. You need external factors. People to people influence can be of great help.  Your environment could act as your external factor – People around you, whether positive or negative, can help you achieve your dreams.

You already must have known that people tend to behave differently. So you necessarily do not have to blend everyone to fall in your line; why not spend sometime in theirs. They will surely be of great help to you.

While you travel through your journey, you meet people with different beliefs; if you give in to them, they can help build your world or help destroy it. So you got to know how to deal with them.
  • Those that Dream Bigger
There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of man intelligence, imagination, and wonder – Ronald Reagan

Of course there is no limit to human imagination, but we see things differently. No one is all wise; so you just have to consider the fact that some people do see how great you can become. But they figured you aren’t living up to that life, so they want to give a spot light to make you see things you’ve always missed out; so that you can couple every left out ideas together and become a transformed being.
  •  Those that Believe in Your Dreams & Believe in you
Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice require sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tired exertions & passionate concern of dedicated individuals – Martin Lather King, Jr.

Life is full of challenges. You may want to consider giving up when life knocks you down repeatedly. At times giving up would seem the best option. It’s quite understandable if you loosen up – you are human and feeling is part of what makes you human.

Finding people that can help you get right back on track sounds more like a pretty good choice, and your loved ones can do that magic.
They know you are meant for greatness and they also know you’ve been through a lot already; so they want to help you out. They will help you live up to your dreams because they believe in you.
  • Those That  are Jealous of Your Dreams & Those That Do not Dream at all
Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things – Unknown

There is absolutely nothing you can do to make everyone like you - that spell doesn’t exist yet. And there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop people from criticizing you. It’s a free world – freedom of speech – freedom of life. But you can make their doubts your strength. Although attaining one goal won’t stop them from pointing others out, but you can choose to live your life and laugh at them because that’s what they do best. Every word they say is like a challenge to you. They will always want to challenge you because you, somehow always find a way to win.
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