Citizens of Humanity: Their Belief, Purpose and Thoughts

These, about humanity, I reckon to be true:

That they are captains of their minds and chiefs of their souls; that with their divine compass, they can steer their Ship of Thoughts to safety, even in stormy weather, until it reaches the Shore of Fulfillment; that they can command the Seed of Labour buried in their souls to bring forth a fruitful output; that they are, therefore, where they are today as a result of things they think, do or didn’t do and they will be tomorrow, and the day after, as a result of the same factors.

That it is not ideal to say every other thing (living or non-living) is their god but them for they, themselves are gods; that they need no magic, spell or wand to prove this theory; that their inventions have proved this beyond questioning; that the generations before and that which will come after this will always prove this theory to be true; that although it is quite evident that the Creator has blessed humanity like none, many have walked astray and will continue to lead such life if no one enlightens them.

That they have got no limit; that the only limit they do have is that which they limit themselves to; that they can do anything if their Flame of Desire kindles their Lamp of Belief; that if belief and effort are in the right proportion towards any goal, it is only a matter of time before such goal is actualized; that, it is true, that that which they conceive in their minds and believe strongly will surely come to pass; that when effort seems to yield no good output, despair is inevitable; that excuse and despair are sadly what the weak and defeated cling to, but none surely gives more comfort than fulfillment; that it is only people who know how sickening it feels to be called a failure that find the strength to not despair and dare to withstand every knockout blow dashes to their faces and still move on in the hope that someday, all their troubles won’t matter.

That justification of insensitivity against humanity is nothing but folly of themselves to believe that their foul plays unto others are justified; that whether foul play or no foul play, they already know which it is for their conscience is the Supreme Judge that conducts in the depth of their minds; that it knows every motive behind every act that they may be fully aware of their unkind deeds against others; that even if they are judged by their personalities, and nothing else but that, the judgment isn’t entirely error-free for no one know them better than they know themselves.

That learning is non-stop throughout life; that the word perfect is but a slight exaggeration of such intellect, beauty or work for nothing, in reality, is perfect; that failures and disappointments are to be expected throughout life for it is base on such theme that life teaches; that maturity isn’t only a question of age but also a question of perception; that actions and reactions are equal just like it was stated in Newton’s Third Law of Motion; that if little input is given to a particular work, not but little is to be expected; that to err is human and it necessarily don’t have to excite sickening thoughts; that whether mistook for a fool or not, it is ideal that the victim doesn’t make the mistake to think themselves foolish.

That the true meaning of life is yet but known only if all would see life as it is, know it for what it is and live it for something besides self; that the sole duty and ultimate purpose of human existence is not to themselves alone but also to others; that humanity are forgetful but they will never forget how miserable they felt as a result of something or someone such that the saying "forgive and forget", as awfully sweet as it seems, will apparently not always work; that if one’s memory should flutter among the livings even after one’s body has been buried in six-feet of the ground, such a life is no waste; that humanity continue to exist only because someone, somewhere lives and stands for others.
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