Confidence Building - 4 Dynamite Ways to Paint Your Self Esteem In Gold

“To establish true self-esteem we must concentrate on our successes and forget our failures and the negatives in our lives” – Denis Waitley.

Knowing that you have a place in this world somehow, gives you more joy than ever. The level you think yourself to be determines the level of your comfort; the same goes for people in your category – no more or less. It is as it should be; so you had better put a thought on the level you place yourself.

When people of little or no self confidence see others, and by all means spot their accomplishments, that they may wish in their hearts that they were in the successful person’s shoes, they put it down on luck. Not for once do they notice the cuts right in the heart caused by failures and disappointment; nor do they see that they had been through hell, survived the storm, climbed hills and mountains, and still persist and hold firmly to their course, despite the torture and pain. Now, people of little faith and low self esteem put down what these people had labor for on luck.

A bit of luck is necessary but it is not everything. It all comes down on you. You shape everything. You shape how you want your life to be. So you’ve got to believe in yourself even when no one believes in you, and I reckon these tips  will help you in the confidence building thing.


“Why compare yourself with anyone? No one in the entire world can be a better you than you.”

How true can that be? A theory that calls for practice, I guess. Fix someone in a position you love to occupy for a week or so and see how differently it is done. They could be better than you are; or better still worse than you – but the point is: it’s just isn’t you - Your creative “YOU” is still missing.

When you do things your way, there is this relief that befalls you, that makes you feel you have actually done something and that something has a stamp in your name – and that symbolizes you.

It is when you realize that your “YOU” is yours and no man’s but yours, will you act otherwise; and only then do you draw more pleasure than you ever know.

Problem shared is problem half-solved, they say. But do you think everyone would stand while you say how unfortunate you are to be born to this world, everyday without freaking out? I doubt that. Everyone has got their problems, so don’t try to sum it up with yours. They want relief and anything far from that makes you an outcast.


“There is no freedom as seeing myself as I’m and not loosing heart.” – Elizabeth Canham

What says you when almost everyone you know tell you you’re far behind the world, even when you do what you’re absolutely sure it is the right thing to do? Perhaps you might want to consider using the subtitle to chill out – You are special and that’s what makes you different.

Seriously, you’re different from other people. Your thoughts limit you to your world; likewise everyone. Perhaps, you know nothing about power of positive thinking.  If you want a better world, change your thoughts.

Switch places with people of little faith and no dreams, that know and do nothing other than criticism and you will see why they think and act as they do; and your strong steeled heart will melt and all that will remain will be pity that they do not know better.

The fact that you choose to follow a different path, from that which others follow, because your heart says so, doesn’t make you an outcast – it makes you special.


“Nothing builds self esteem and confidence than accomplishments.”

There is no point engaging in a thing that at the end brings forth no fruitful output. It just doesn’t make any sense. Our whole life is tied to counting our accomplishments; so when at the very end nothing could be counted, then that life, itself, is a waste.

Setting your goal and achieving it can help boost your self esteem. Somehow, it just keeps ringing that gearing up bell that you may never let down, and keep letting you realize that you are making progress. When you set a goal and actualize it, you feel good.
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